Ketchup is a condiment that was conceived in Asia, adopted by the English, and emigrated to America. Today it is more prevalent, more popular, and arguably more American than apple pie. It’s in every restaurant, at every cookout, offered at every food stand.

But as Malcolm Gladwell stated in 2004, ketchup has a conundrum. Tomato has cornered the market. The “fregetable” (fruit + vegetable) has dominated a sauce whose base was meant to come from any fruit – all fruits! Because of this, we have denied our taste buds a world of wallop we didn’t even know existed.

“Don’t get us wrong, we love tomatoes. And we love and respect the tangy, well-rounded tomato flavor our predecessors have perfected for over a century. But we also believe in the equality of fruits — that your mouth has the right to enjoy multiple flavors of the amazing condiment that is ketchup. Where traditional tomato ketchup provides a general flavor enhancement to food, ‘Chups fruit ketchups provide the same texture and zip, with new, exciting flavors and ingredients. Find your favorite and your taste buds will thank you.”

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